Our Service

Our healthcare professionals are highly trained, and qualified in palliative care. Our dedicated team members have an average of 20 years or more of experience caring for patients and families at home. Culturally diverse, many speak multiple languages, including Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, and Chinese.

Our services include:
  • Medication, equipment and supplies coordination
  • Nursing care (available 24 hours a day, seven days a week)
  • Physician services
  • Personal care (including bathing, feeding and dressing)
  • Emotional counseling
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Chaplain (or clergy) support
  • Social services
  • Bereavement care and counseling
  • Physical, speech and occupational therapy
At Evergreen Hospice Care, we provide the support and care you need so you can remain at home.

How it works

Our experienced, interdisciplinary team begins with an in-depth assessment of your physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs. Then our team works together with you and your family to develop an individualized plan, under a physician’s direction, that focuses on relieving your symptoms which may include pain, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, depression, nausea and others. You do not have to give up your primary doctor, as we work with your physician.

Your personalized care plan may include:
  • Consultations with a chaplain or other spiritual advisor
  • Linkages with community-based resources like Meals on Wheels
  • Assistance coordinating durable medical equipment and oxygen
  • Assistance coordinating pharmacy resources, including IV medications
  • Counseling for family members
  • Educational materials for patients and family members
  • Communication with your primary care physician and specialists.

You will receive regularly scheduled, personalized care in the comfort of your own home. Should an issue arise, call our 24-hour hotline and we quickly respond to your concerns, even in the middle of the night. With Evergreen, there is always someone there for you.

Nondiscrimination Policy:

Evergreen Hospice Care, Inc. does not exclude or deny benefits, or otherwise discriminate against any person on the basis of race, religion, age, color, gender, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, communicable disease or place of national origin.